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No matter if you are a regular customer to us or just someone interested in our products, we are here to get you the help you need. Our customer service department handles general inquiries, orders,  complaints, and returns.  We recommend using the available forms for faster handling time if you are a known customer to us. We look forward hearing from you!


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Opening hours: 8AM – 4PM

Human Care USA
8006 Cameron Road, Suite K
Austin, TX 78754

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Contact our Sales Team

Ryan Vasconcellos
President – Human Care Direct
Phone: +1 301-537-3781

Jeni Davis
Corporate Accounts Director – US
Phone: +1 512-660-9817

Tim Anderson
National Dealer Sales, Regional Sales Director – Midwest – USA
Phone: +1 512-476-7199

Garrett Bramlett
Acute Care Director
Phone: +1 512-476-7199

Tamra Kobilca
Account Manager- Midwest
Phone: +1 512-888-7254

Liz Morand
Chief Executive Officer
Phone: +1 512-468-8215 

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Please send all inquiries regarding product warranty to

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