Social responsibility

Human Care social responsibility program

Discover how we work with sustainability, outside our own organization’s borders, by supporting different charities.

Human Care donates rollators for 1.3 MSEK.

Human Care donates 446 new rollators to the aid organization Human Bridge for further transport to countries such as Ukraine, Moldova, Kosovo, Ethiopia, Tanzania and the Democratic Republic of Congo.

Human Care decided during 2022 to develop its social responsibility program to include more aid and charity organizations and has started a cooperation with tha aid organization Human Bridge. The first donation to Human Bridge consists of 446 rollators of the Leila brand and includes several different sizes and colors. The rollators are completely new and unused and are delivered in their original packaging. The market value of the donation corresponds to 1,351,000 SEK. The donated rollators will now be stored at Human Bridge’s warehouse in southern parts of Sweden for further transport in various aid consignments.

Read more about Human Bridge here.

Social Impact Report 2021

Human Care owner, Applied Value Group, has collected all social responsibility activities during 2021 in the “Social Impact Report 2021”. The report highlights several charity organizations that received financial support and other initiatives conducted by Applied Value Group and its affiliates. As 2022 unfolds, the group remains committed to the promise to leverage conscience, creativity, and competencies to push the frontiers of social impact.

  • More than $3.1M in contributions.
  • 3 660 hours of volunteering.
  • 210 entrepreneurs in Tanzania benefited from unlocked credit with a cumulative loan value of $117, 000

Read the full report here


Resources without Borders – Help to self-help

Human Care Group supports the charity organization Resources without Borders with products, funding for shipment and knowledge sharing.

Resources without Borders is a Swedish organization that delivers donated medical aids and other resources to countries with greater needs. The organization arranges shipment and safe travel of goods, and make sure to deliver them to the right people and institutions, where they also supply knowledge and training in how to use all donated resources.

The latest donation of rollators went to healthcare institutions in Mozambique.

To support them and read more about Resources without Borders, please visit their webpage here.


Hand in Hand – Fighting poverty with entrepreneurship

Human Care Group supports the charity organization Hand in Hand that focus on finding a sustainable way out of poverty for women and youths. Hand in Hand is active in Afghanistan, Cambodia, India, Kenya, Namibia, Tanzania, and Zimbabwe, with fundraising and program support in Sweden and the United Kingdom.

They nurture the creation of more than 1,000 jobs a day, seven days a week. That’s more than 350,000 jobs a year.

  • Jobs help break the cycle of poverty. They help entrepreneurs create their own success.
  • When women, who make up more than 90% of Hand in Hand’s entrepreneurs, are better educated and make up a greater part of the labour force, a country’s GDP is substantially improved.
  • An average of five family members benefit from every job help our entrepreneurs. That’s more children in school, and more parents with the ability to put healthy food on the table and seek healthcare in time.


Women’s economic empowerment. The women they work with face many challenges – poverty, lack of education, gender discrimination. By the time they graduate from Hand in Hand’s support,  they are stronger and more confident. When they start to earn money, they improve their position and influence in the family and society. Supporting women to come together also gives them a stronger voice and a better chance of claiming their rights.

Empowering youth. In countries where youth unemployment is growing at alarming rates,  and where the consequences of climate change are acutely felt daily, the aim of Hand in Hand’s work is simple: To raise the status of self-employment among young people and unlock the path to success through sustainable and resilient entrepreneurship.

As one of the founders, Percy Barnevik, puts it: “Our model, help to self-help, puts people’s destinies in their own hands. You train them, you coach them, but they decide for themselves about the future”.

For us at Human Care Group this goes very well on how we look at life: Your life. Your Way.

To support them and read more about Hand in Hand, please vist their webpage here.

Suicide Zero – fighting stigma with knowledge

Suicide Zero is a non-profit organization that has been working since 2013 to radically reduce suicides. Suicide Zero’s vision is a society without suicide. The knowledge to achieve the vision exists, but it must become widely known and spread in society to have a greater impact.

There is a lot of taboo, ignorance, fear and stigma around suicide and mental illness. Suicide Zero work to increase the knowledge of politicians, journalists, health and medical staff and the general public. This I done by lobbying, debate articles in media, training and lectures for various professional groups.

Read more (Swedish website – please use the translate function in your web browser)